For great information on gardening and plants in general, there is no better place to go than your extension service.  I think the world of The University of Minnesota’s Extension website, but for those of you in other locations, you might try a general eXtension search.

The University of Minnesota’s extension website

eXtension — An extension search engine

Linda Chalker-Scott is a garden myth buster and I strongly encourage you to check out her stuff, including her great book!

Linda’s website

One of my closest cooperators here at the University of Minnesota is Gary Johnson.  Check out his website below.

Gary’s website

My favorite website to sit back and read is Garden Rant.  It’s a blog run by four writers who you’ll quickly fall in love with.  I don’t always agree with them — but I always have fun there!


My books are published by two great publishers:

Timber Press

Westholme Publishing

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